IMAS’s CNC-controlled longitudinal lathes perform all details in one work process. This brings about a particularly economic manufacturing process that is suitable for small as well as large series – and of small workpieces with extremely low tolerances.

We provide automated lathing of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, steel for automatic lathes, amaloy (approved for foods), Ampco 18, brass, duplex, POM, PVC, PEEK and many more.

We have many years’ experience in organising measurement reports on the components and, if desired, we also provide specific surface treatment.

Our facility comprises for instance the following CNC machinery for longitudinal turning:

  • Citizen L20 XII LFV
  • Citizen L12 VII LFV, 2 machins
  • Citizen M32
  • Citizen L20 VIII, 2 machines
  • Citizen K16 VIII, 1 machine

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Citizen L20 XII LFV

Citizen M32

Citizen L20 IIIV

Citizen K16 IIIV

Citizen L32

Citizen L12 VII LFV