IMAS’s CNC micro lathing machinery, also referred to as ”swiss type turnings” perform all details in one single process. This processing generates a particularly economic manufacturing process which is suitable for large series of small workpieces of extremely low tolerances.

We process and manufacture workpieces of diameters as small as Ø 0.3 mm of all types of materials. This for instance comprises unleaded brass (ECOBRASS), German silver, stainless steel, and many other materials.

IMAS has many years’ experience in the manufacturing of micro-lathed workpieces for Danish industrial businesses and manufacturers within e.g. the audio and pharmaceutical industries.

A close collaboration with surface treatment suppliers using gold, nickel-tin, etc. means that IMAS can supply a finished micro processed workpiece that is ready to enter directly into our customers’ production.

We for instance have the following CNC machinery for micro processing:

  • Citizen RO4
  • RO7 VI – micro lathing, 3 machines

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Citizen R04



R07 VI