IMAS supports UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

IMAS purifies and recycles water in the production from:

– Cooling and lubrication of machine tools

– Washing and rinsing of finished workpieces

– Thus limiting the consumption of fresh water from the public supply to a minimum.



IMAS is highly focused on social responsibility with respect to apprentices, and we continuously strive to take in more apprentices at a time. In addition, we welcome school-based practical trainees and open our doors to elementary schools and other educational institutions.



IMAS is highly focused on sustainable consumption and production by for instance:

– the collection of shavings and insurance of sustainable recycling

– the minimising of waste by securing optimal exploitation of raw material scraps

– the use of environment-conscious packaging.


IMAS focuses on reducing its CO2 footprint – both internally and externally:
– We continuously optimize our production and buildings for energy
– We participate in projects that show us new ways to reduce CO2 further
– We participate in projects that enable us to monitor the effect of our initiatives