In head of technology

At IMAS, we have our ear to the ground. We manufacture conventional as well as state-of-the-art workpieces. This applies to all types of lathed or milled components and spare parts of sizes smaller than your hand. Our constant development together with our purchase of new technology enable us to provide our customers with high-quality products. Our state-of-the-art equipment comprises swiss type turnings, lathes and milling-machines for the manufacturing of workpiece in stainless steel, aluminium, brass, plastic, acrylic, machining steel, bronze, cupper, etc. pursuant to high standards. Highly skilled and experienced mechanical and industrial technicians in the production constitute your guarantee that the manufacturing of your workpiece will be carried out according to plan.

In our manufacturing process, we emphasize the importance of careful attention to details, flexibility and timely delivery. When your customers are satisfied, we have succeeded.

Owing to the application of the very latest technologies in our production, we can offer microlathing of specific workpieces such as screws and split pins, etc. We are already the successful provider of workpieces for hearing aids and microphones of diameters measuring as little as 0.3 mm.
Our technologies ensure precise machining of high quality; and, during production, we carry out quality control pursuant to agreed standards.

Speedy and efficient delivery

At IMAS, we take a serious approach to all projects – the manufacturing of batches and components of all sizes. We provide our customer with consultancy during product development and, in collaboration, we ensure the speedy and precise solution of the project. Our aim is to establish confidence in the relationships between customer, employee and management for the purpose of ensuring swift and effortless procedures – from the first approach to the finished product. We provide customer contact throughout the process, thus establishing a point of departure for the most optimal and speedy delivery.
Do not hesitate to contact us: If you have an idea, a drawing, prototype or extensive batch, then we are the right supplier for you.
From drawing board to quality delivery. – You have the project, we have the solution.